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The fastest way to build customer trust

Hootsy combines the power of live video and live chat to wow your website visitors and grow your business.

Text isn't enough.

Having analyzed hundreds of thousands of onboarding, sales, and support conversations, one thing became clear: text isn’t enough. You need to go above and beyond what every other live chat service is doing. Hootsy adds the power of live video, voice and screen sharing to help you build trust, grow your sales, and strengthen your brand.

Personalize your onboarding

Show them you’re visibly there to help. See what they’re doing in real time, and guide them with shared cursors, scrolling, and typing. Set them up to succeed and increase conversion and retention.

Personalize your onboarding
Manage your conversations

Supercharge your sales

The data proves it. From analysis of 120,000+ sales calls, the closed/won deals used webcams 41% more often than lost deals. Hootsy provides you full control over who can see and hear you at any given moment - allowing you to use video to interact with many, but still keep conversations private and personal.

Generate more leads

Use our pre-built lead generation chatbot to qualify leads 24/7 or customize further using our code-free integration with Dialogflow. Monitor the conversations in real-time and take them over at any point to convert leads while they’re hot.

Bots to generate more leads
Bots to resolve support issues faster

Resolve Support Issues Faster

Use screen sharing and voice chat to quickly understand customer issues. Use our AI assistants to gather support requests when you’re not around or to answer frequently asked questions.