With Hootsy, you only pay for what you use. We provide a simple rate for each Hootsy Conversations API request, and a free tier to help you get started.

500 free requests per month
Pay as you go
$0.015 per request (when outside the free tier)


What constitutes a request?

Each Hootsy Conversations API call is considered a request. For example, if a user says ‘Hello’ to the assistant, the call to the Hootsy Conversations relay with the message ‘Hello’ is defined as one call. If the assistant displays a button and the user clicks or taps on the button, this also triggers one call to the Hootsy Conversations relay. There is no fee for Speech-to-Text or Text-to-Speech functionality.

What happens if I exceed the request limit on my free tier?

Usage is throttled if the request limit is reached on the free tier. Customers can't accrue overages on the free tier.

Can you help us build an assistant?

Yes, we provide contract support to help you build an experience using the Hootsy Conversations API and voice interaction capabilities. Simply fill out a support request and we'll get back to you shortly.

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