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Controlling Live Video

Click ‘Start Live Video’ from the Global Controls on a desktop device.

Hootsy Live 0

Clicking ‘End All Video’ will turn off the camera and replace live video with your profile image for all conversations.

There are three ways to display live video for specific conversations.

Approach 1 - On Conversation Takeover

Select ‘Display Video on Takeover’ for a new conversation where the user has only interacted with the bot and then send a message.

Hootsy Live 1

Approach 2 - After Conversation Takeover

Select ‘Show Video’ for a conversation that you’ve already responded to.

Hootsy Live 2

Approach 3 - On Visitor Page Load

If an agent helper bot is selected to display for the visitor (see Determining which Agent and Bot to Display), your live video will automatically start displaying on page load. If Hootsy is displayed inline on the page, it’ll display in place of your profile image. If Hootsy is display as a floating chat button and the welcome prompt displays, your live video will display along with the prompt in the floating chat button, see Visibility section of Creating Bots. Note: this only displays live video on pages loaded after live video is turned on.

Example display of live video for Hootsy inline embed

Hootsy Live 5

Example display of live video with Hootsy floating chat button when welcome prompt displays

Hootsy Bot 8

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