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Embedding Hootsy Inline on a Page

By default, Hootsy is displayed as a floating chat button in the bottom right corner of the webpage, but can also be displayed inline on a webpage.

Example embed (not functional):

Hootsy embed

To add Hootsy inline, you must first add the core scripts to the page, see Installing Hootsy. Then simply add the following anywhere within the <body> tags:

<div id="hootsy-embed"></div>

This will select one of your company agents to display on page load, see Determining which Agent and Bot to Display.

If you want to always display a specific agent, you can create a profile link and add it to the tag.

Go to your Account page and select My Profile Links. Create a link and then select ‘Embed’. This will provide code similar to above, but with a 'data-hootsy-profile' attribute that will ensure this profile always displays inline.

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