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Creating Bots

On the Bots page, select ‘Create new bot’.

Defining Bot Conversation

Select ‘Launch Bot Builder’ under Conversations.

Hootsy Bot 1

If this is a new bot conversation, you’ll see popup to select a starting point for your conversation.

Hootsy Bot 2

Creating Nodes

Select the '+' icon between conversation nodes to create a new node.

Bot Node TypeDescription
MessageBot message with user text or button response.
QuestionBot message with user text or button response.
Conditional BranchBranch conversation based on conditions like team availability.
Email CaptureCapture and qualify email address.
Jump to existingContinue conversation from an existing node. This option only displays if '+' is selected right before an End of bot flow node.

Deleting Nodes

Hover over the node with your cursor and select the trash icon to delete it.

Hootsy Bot 3

Branching a Conversation with Multiple Paths

You can branch a conversation into multiple paths. For example, when creating a question, you can have the bot provide a different response based on the selected button. When creating the button, select path → New Path.

Hootsy Bot 4

You can also create a new path by selecting the '+' button next the existing paths in the visual editor.

Hootsy Bot 5

Custom Variables

Add {{agent_name}} to a response to display the current agent’s name in the bot response. When the conversation isn’t tied to a specific profile (ex. in preview mode), this will be replaced with ‘The agent’.

Saving and Publishing

All changes to the bot conversation are auto-saved to a draft version. Click ‘Preview’ in the header to test draft changes. To revert changes, you can click the more options button to the right of the Publish button and then select ‘Revert to last published’.

Hootsy Bot 6

Once you’re ready to make the changes available to users, select the ‘Publish’ button in the header.

You can test the latest published conversation in the preview that displays on the main bot listing page Click ‘BACK’ in the header of the bot editor to return to the bot listing page.

Controlling Visibility

In the Visibility section of the bot options, you can control when and how the bot displays to users.

Agent Helper Bot

Bot only displays when agents are available or with profile links to gather info before agent takeover. Your bot preview will automatically update to show your profile info and give you a better sense of the user experience.

We recommend always having one bot with this option selected, and one bot with this option not selected.

Display Welcome Prompt

If bot triggers a new conversation for the user, the first message will display next to the floating chat widget.

Note: this only applies to the Hootsy floating chat widget, and does not impact display of Hootsy inline on the page.

Example without live video:

Hootsy Bot 7

Example with live video:

Hootsy Bot 8
Who should see this botDefines conditions for display of the bot. This is used as part of Determining which Agent and Bot to Display.

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